More Subway Tile Inspiration

I am still making tile day and night, after work, on the weekends, and after October snowstorms.  I have forced AC in on the action just so we can make our deadlines.
I was getting off at the Union Street R train stop and saw these.  The image kept a little lightness in my step for the rest of the evening.


Subway tile inspiration-

This tile mural at he Jay Street subway station in Brooklyn goes on for quite a few yards... it is a wonderful way to spend those few minutes waiting for the next train.


The Small Object Collaboration

pic above from The Small Object
Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object has chosen a Craven Home wood slice to place her gorgeous wedding toppers on... check it out.  You can buy one to preserve your own sentimental treasure at The Small Object.


When it Rains, it Pours

pic above from Joseph Rose
So we are in the process of renovating our new home deep in the heart of Brooklyn.  Prior to that, Molly had surgery (again), and after that we are selling our current home.  We are still managing to travel.  Lots of change, but it is all new and exciting!
The kitchen tile project from before has transformed into making the tile for the new house.  It is great because I got a head start!
It is a rule that never fails- when it rains, it pours.  I am doing my day job (Mrs.Craven/virus control), help manage the renovation of our new home, and make tile in triple time.  I guess I love it when its pouring, I accomplish so much more than I think I can. 

Below- pics of the tile (bone dry, not yet fired in the kiln)


It has been exactly 3 months since my last post.
The weather this August is unseasonably just like September.
Summer is over- Ac and I went snorkeling with whale sharks off of the Yucatan coast. Now that I have gotten that adventure out of the way, it is time to start creating in a big way again.

Here it goes.


Stylish blogger award via oral history

think-make-think by Clifton Burt (haiku by John Maeda)

I was awarded a Stylish Blogger award by Bad Hausfrau back in- oh January. It is actually a great pleasure to return from my most recent neglect of ceramics and the blog to actually meet the requirements of this award. Here it goes.

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
Thanks again Kelley! (original thank you here)
Check out Bad Hausfrau. The pictures are just lovely and the writing is interesting and, well, well-written, which is kind of rare these days.

2. Share seven things about yourself.
I did not realize my desire to be a real part time ceramic artist until creating pieces for my own wedding.
I love New York City and will most likely never leave it.
My shoes size is 6 1/2.
I have to force myself to go on any vacation that does not involve the beach.
I have thin arms and refer to them as my "kermit-the-frogs".
AC and I will sometimes read the same book together. I love this.
I am a sucker for rose gold.

3. Award inspirational newly discovered bloggers.
I am using "newly discovered" very loosely. I have been reading Thoughtful Day since the A Farm Fresh Wedding days.
For inspiration, please click below:

Thoughtful Day - great discoveries posted by a creative designer
Brooklyn Rehab - a refreshingly personal blog created by a savvy fashionable lady
City Lady Country Girl- the life and times of a city lady getting married and building (yes building!) a home with her husband in upstate NY
Mint Peach- my last studio mate and an amazing ceramic artist

New Home possibly found!... creative life continues

So, I have a real excuse this time... we are moving (just up the street really). A place HAD to be found ASAP though, so it was really the only thing on my to do list. If this is the place... the blog will get very interesting. Gut renovation interesting.

Up next... unfinished business.


Kiln Results

I am happy to say the kiln firing was a success (as much as can be hoped for when you put clay into an oven that heats up to 2200 degrees F).

I am hoping to take some great pics and send them over to Etsy for more things to (hopefully) be bought and loved in a new home.


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