I HEART San Francisco

Pic above from Heath

It seems like forever ago, but Thanks giving was just 7 weeks ago. AC and I went to San Francisco to be with his family for the holiday. I FELL IN LOVE with San Francisco. It is very easy for me to see how all of his siblings (2 sisters and his older bro) ended up there. If NYC wasn't my first love...

While there we took advantage of visiting HEATH! A gang of us Cravens headed over the bridge to Sausalito for the factory tour. Above you will see how they get their pottery so perfect! It is how they "throw" their pottery- by machines and molded profile templates with a man at the front.

So two of the reasons I wanted to take advantage of our geographical location for the holiday and visit Heath (there are probably a few hundred other reasons as well) are:

1. Clearly I have been in a slump since my unfortunate last kiln load, and I needed inspiration and a pick me up!

2. I am going to make the tile for our kitchen. Gasps are being taken all around I am sure- either from the sheer blah of our current kitchen tiles (pictured below), or my quest to see this project of mine carried out and completed. I told my friend J around Christmas, and all she could muster was as deadpan, "ambitious"- without much faith in me!

If AC and I were to buy tile for our kitchen, it would be from Heath. I went straight to the source for inspiration. The tile pictured at the very top of this post has a third dimension to tile, which might be a little too much for our kitchen, but I love the shape, so I am set. I have a few tile making experiments going on and ahead of me, but I am back in the studio. If not for me at the moment, for our kitchen.

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