Here's lookin' at you, Bad Hausfrau

My friend, fellow blogger, talented creator in cloth, and a junior high classmate, recently picked me, Mrs. Craven, as a great blogger. Can you believe it? It can be hard to make it all happen: a full time job, time with my wonderful guy, time with my sweet dog, creating a warm and inviting nest, and time in the ceramic studio. This blog is where I put up beautiful creations and ideas I am moved by. It becomes so important to me, especially when I cannot make it to my studio. Recognition for it feels good. I will have to respond to the other conditions of the award after my well earned vacation. But until then, K, this post's for you. Thank you, this nomination means a lot to me and is so encouraging (and I really need that little boost).

K stated in her list of 7 things about herself that she collects vintage paint by number. Well this isn't vintage, but Trey Speegle brings paint by number to a whole new and wonderful level. I picked these specifically for their words and the possibility of each of them being little mantras to say to yourself. Some of these pics just don't do his work justice. You can zoom in on his paintings here.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am continually impressed with all you do and your wonderful creations meanwhile helping people um, stay alive. I LOVE these paintings. Love them! Love you! xo K



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