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pic from dbO home
I have another blog that I rarely post on anymore, but it was what started my new found life in ceramics and plants to some extent. A Farm Fresh Wedding was where I put all of bridal planning inspiration; it helped me stay focused.

AC and I were married at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I am so envious of all of the planning brides- to-be out there, I absolutely loved planning our wedding. Blue Hill is now using the dinnerware of ceramic artist Dana Oates- the woman behind dbO Home. Please take a look at her beautiful aesthetic. I think she and I share many of the same inspirations. How lucky to be featured at such a magical place full of beautiful views and amazing sustainable food. I am sure that this thoughtful addition to the table can only make the food even better (is that possible?).

I have the day off to catch up on my other creative life. Don't get me wrong medicine is an art too, you just do not get as dirty.

My second part of my Stylish Blogger award is in its final stages too. So much to do!!

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